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Fields Collins Properties LLC was registered in 2005 in the State of Ohio to acquire, rehab, lease or resell residential and commercial real estate in Cuyahoga and Summit counties. The company’s main office is at 556 Tallmadge Rd., Cuyahoga Falls Ohio and its primary goal is to offer affordable housing in single family homes and apartment buildings.

Housing programs range from simple rental agreements to seller financing programs such as a Rent to Own or a Lease with an Option to Buy – programs that cater to residents aspiring to become home owners.

The company’s mission is to create “Win Win Results” for Sellers in tough financial and emotional stress AND for Residents in search of affordable housing – whether to Lease or to Acquire their own home.

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In order to expand its acquisitions in north east Ohio, Fields Collins Properties LLC uses private lenders - mostly to acquire single family homes, and commercial banks to acquire or refinance apartment buildings.

Loan types include Funding for Acquisitions, Refinancing current debt to improve cash flow, Lines of Credit and Rehab Loans.

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